Compensation, Benefits and Rewards

Compensation for Office Employees

 TürkTraktör implements a job evaluation system regardless of title and function, based on the content of the job. Our remuneration practices for the office staff are based on a competitive and fair system. The salaries are updated in January every year taking into account criteria such as company and individual performance results, the automotive main industry sector, the targeted position and the balance in the department and the company.

Our salary policy is reviewed by examining the results of annual salary surveys carried out depending on the sector and by detailed salary analyses. Our employees receive annually a total of 16 salaries, 12 salaries and four bonuses. Premium payments are made to our employees at determined levels and roles, depending on their performance. Moreover, Agile Rewarding Tools enable our employees to be rewarded based on their performance and the projects they participate in.

Compensation for Shop Floor Employees

Salary increase is determined according to the Metal Industry Work Grouping System annex to the Group Collective Bargaining Agreement signed between the Turkish Employers Association of Metal Industries (MESS) and the Turkish Metal Workers Union. Salary increase is carried out twice year on September 1 and March 1.


Our field employees benefit from the rights acquired through collective labor agreements in accordance with legal regulations.

Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Fund Foundation
An office employee who starts working at TürkTraktör becomes a member of the Koç Holding Pension and Support Fund Foundation, established to provide additional social security and support. Membership in the foundation is optional for our field staff. Our employees pay a premium in an amount determined from their salaries every month.

Allianz Health Insurance
Each of our new employees can start to benefit from a private health insurance plan, if he/she requests, with a part of the membership fee being covered by TürkTraktör. For our employees who do not want to have Allianz private health insurance, we offer Allianz complementary health insurance, which is valid in SGK-contracted hospitals.

KoçRam Personal Accident Insurance
We want our employees to be covered even in difficult times, and we insure our employees in case of death or permanent disability.

Koç Ailem Program
Koç Group employees can benefit from the products and services of Koç Group companies, as well as of many well-known brands, with special discounts and advantages.

Our employees can choose from a wide pool as per their preferences and needs under Flextra, the Koç Group Special Benefits Program.

Transportation Services
We provide a shuttle service for our employees’ transportation to the company and their homes.

Food Services
Our employees can benefit from the food service in our cafeteria. Additionally, on remote working days, we offer a Meal Card program.

Health Services
Our employees have access to general healthcare services and periodic health check-ups at our Health Center.

Social Benefits

All employees at TürkTraktör receive social benefits such as:
  • Marriage benefit,
  • Day care benefit for mothers of babies of up to 66 months,
  • Maternity benefit,
  • Death benefit for employees whose spouse, child, mother or father passes away,
  • Monthly children benefit,
  • Annual paid leave benefit,
  • Education benefit for employees’ children at school,
  • Holiday benefit,
  • Fuel benefit,
  • Military service benefit,
  • Social assistance including clothing assistance.


At the office, we continue to support our performance system that enables the visibility of success to everyone through the implementation of the Spot Bonus.

In the field, our aim is to appreciate employees for their competence gained through Lean Production Methods, aiming to enhance quality and efficiency in business processes, serving continuous improvement through their behavior, attitude, and efforts. This initiative aims to develop the company culture, increase employee engagement, and enhance their participation in business processes.

Our employees are incentivized with 'Instant Rewards' based on their work through a system that allows them to provide real-time feedback using Kaizen and Occupational Health and Safety (İSG) data systems."