Within our factory, we have an indoor sports facility equipped for mini-football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, darts, and foosball. Additionally, our company hosts various social clubs such as the Theater Club, Music Club, Cycling Club, Running Club, and Charity Club.

Summer Festival

Designed to bring the spirit of celebration into our TürkTraktör locations during the summer season, this festival aims to provide a day where all our employees and their families can come together, enjoy various activities and competitions, and create new cherished memories. Our Summer Festivals, open to all employees and their families, are hosted in our Ankara and Sakarya locations, drawing nearly 8000 participants. We offer diverse entertainment for both children and adults, curated culinary experiences, and performances by artists selected in collaboration with our employees, ensuring a delightful day for everyone involved.

TürkTraktör Sports Festival

Our Sports Festival is organized annually with participation of both office and field employees, aiming to foster social interaction and closeness while promoting sports to a broader audience. The festival encompasses various disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, foosball, darts, backgammon, and more, with the objective of nurturing and popularizing sports and supporting its development.

Koç Sports Festival

This significant event, fostering stronger relationships among community companies, continues each year with growing interest and an increasingly enriched program. Our Ankara factory hosts the 'Ankara Regional Coach Sports Festival,' further amplifying the event's significance and outreach.


The 'Trailblazers' event, held annually, is an occasion where our employees receive the Service Awards and where the internal recognition program for the 'Most Successful TürkTraktör Employees' takes place.

As part of our "Most Successful TürkTraktör Employees" process, we organize an important ceremony where the winners are announced and our colleagues with 10, 20, 25 and 30 years of service are presented with their certificates accompanied by a famous presenter.

Street Foods

We are creating a social space for our employees by organizing street food experiences, providing an enjoyable dining experience.

Refreshments & Treats

We aim to enhance the employee experience by offering refreshments and treats.

Gifts for Our Employees

  • We deliver birthday packages prepared specifically for each of our employees on their birthdays, accompanied by birthday cakes.
  • We provide MESST card gift vouchers as a back-to-school gift to all employees who have children in elementary, middle, or high school.
  • We provide MESST card gift vouchers for employees who have newborn children.
  • We welcome our employees on their first day with personalized welcome kits tailored to their specific roles (office and field), providing a warm welcome.
  • During our employees' weddings, we send happiness wreaths from TEV.