Success Award
OSD Corporate Social Responsibility Project - “Bir İşaretin Yeter“ Project (2023)
Sustainability of Technology Success Category
TÜSİAD SD² Success Stories Ceremony - "Sealing Monitoring with Image Processing" (2023)
Process Efficiency and Candidate Satisfaction Category Award
Peoplise Digital Human Resources Award Ceremony (2023)
Machinery and Components Category 1st Place Award
Türkiye Exporters Assembly (TİM) Champions of Exports Award Ceremony (2023)
Environment Grant Award
29th Şahabettin Bilgisu Environment Awards - Large Scale Enterprise Category (2023)
Bronze Exporter Award
Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB) Champions of Export Award Ceremony (2023)
Türkiye's Best Workplaces Award
Kincentric Best Employers (2023)
Occupational Safety Ambassador Award
MESS Stars of Occupational Safety (2023)
OHS Special Award Category - 1st Place Award
MESS Stars of Occupational Safety - "'Pedestrian Equipment Interaction in Occupational Safety" Project (2023)
Future of Our Business Award
TİSK Common Future 2023 Ceremony - "Commitment, Culture, and Transformation" Project
Commitment, Cultural Transformation Management Category Award
PERYÖN Human Value Awards 2023
Grand Prize for Leadership in Human Value Category
PERYÖN Human Value Awards 2023