Frequently Asked Questions

Fields of activities of TürkTraktör is to design, manufacture, sell, export, import, market, provide after sales services of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery and equipment including their engines, components and other parts and manufacture, import, sell in Turkey, market and provide after sales services of all kinds of construction equipments. You can find detailed information of TürkTraktör's goals and field of activities in article 3of Articles of Association, as published on our web site under the Corporate Overview and Governance menu.
Koç Holding: 37.50%

CNH Industrial: 37.50%

Free Float and Other: 25.00%
TürkTraktör's IPO date is 03-04/06/2004 and the price was 8 TL.
TürkTraktör shares are traded on the Borsa İstanbul National Market with the symbol “TTRAK”.
Paid-in capital of the company is TL 100.066.875 divided into 10.006.687.500 shares each worth 1 KR.
As of 30/09/2023 total 2,944 employees.
You can reach from the Financial Results section at our website.

Our Company distributes dividend in accordance with the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Markets Board regulations, Tax legislations, other related regulations as well as the related dividend distribution article of our articles of association. As per the Corporate Governance Principles, a balanced and accurate policy is followed between the benefits of the shareholders and the Company.

In principle, as long as the relevant regulations and financial possibilities allows for it, minimum 60% of net distributable profit which is calculated as per Capital Markets Board provisions, is distributed in cash and/or as bonus shares by taking into consideration of the market expectations, long-term company strategy, investment and financing policies, profitability and cash situation.


Necessary documents to participate the meeting, are published 3 weeks before the meeting date. You can reach these documents via General Assembly link.
Please visit Financial Results section of our web site to have the report in pdf format. You can use Investor Registration link for hard copy report.
You can reach via Investor Presentations link at our web site.
A and B Group shareholders are privileged, they can propose names for the board of directors and auditors.
You can reach via Corporate Overview and Governance link at our web site.