Product and Program Management

Product and program management units are responsible for the entire life cycle of new products, from development to market launch and monitoring of commercial performance. All the projects are carried out by three tribe organizations: vineyard-orchard series tractors, field tractors and multi-purpose tractors. Each tribe is composed of teams in charge of product strategy, product development and industrialization. The teams consist of people working in various functions such as marketing, R&D, production, purchasing, quality and after-sales.

Product and program management follows a standardized Global Product Development (GPD) process subject to continuous monitoring and revision. This approach optimizes resource planning while facilitating the identification of investment and clear goals. Moreover, the GPD improves the ability to develop better quality products through risk estimation and risk management. Feedback from the service network is collected through early warning teams and the performance of products under warranty is monitored. Thus, the product is managed in line with the Current Product Management processes.