Recruitment Journey - Office
As part of the Koç Group's recruitment manifesto, our selection process for office employees is executed with a candidate-centric approach, emphasizing close and transparent communication with all candidates. With our dedication to providing an exceptional candidate experience, we gather candidate feedback and suggestions by implementing surveys that focus on their experiences throughout our recruitment journey.

In line with our TürkTraktör Agile Path Manifesto, open role announcements are published on Koç Kariyerim,, and LinkedIn platforms to receive applications from candidates interested in engaging with Agile Recruitment Journey. Applications are collected, reviewed, and assessed accordingly.

An applicant engaging in TürkTraktör's recruitment journey, who has been positively assessed through tools such as the English Exam, Personality Inventory, and Assessment Center, but gets eliminated during the team and Business Partner interview process, can reapply after two years and be considered for different suitable roles.
The links for the application are listed below.

Koç Kariyerim Platform: Türk Traktör İş İlanları -
Linkedin: TürkTraktör | LinkedIn

Office Employee Orientation Process

We implement the Live Drive office employee orientation program to quickly adapt our newly joined colleagues to our company, providing them with a memorable beginning.

Before the arrival of our new team member and for the initial three months from their first day, we conduct an approximately 90-day program that starts on an online platform. This program includes various trainings and activities. Moreover, our employees engage in discussions with their managers and human resources regarding topics like feedback and suggestions. Throughout the orientation process, our 'Co-mate' volunteers, part of our Buddy system, provide comprehensive support to our new colleagues in all aspects.

Live Drive training and activities include;
*Company introduction, presentation of Koç Group culture and values,
*Presentation of all functions within the company, conducted in class and/or on field,
*Training Camp sessions, which covers mandatory legal trainings,
*Networking cocktail events with senior management,
*Visits to the Ankara and Sakarya Factories,
*Visits to the TürkTraktör dealers in Ankara and Sakarya,
* Tractor driving sessions emphasizing conscious driving in Ankara and Sakarya