Test Drive Internship Program

Long Term Internship Program: This program spans a minimum of 70 days and is offered to students from universities with whom we have agreements. It takes place at our Ankara and Sakarya factories. Students continue their internships for the duration specified by their universities. Depending on the academic terms of the universities, we offer long-term internship opportunities for 2 or 3 terms per year.

Short Term Internship Program: This program, designed for 3rd-year university students who are required to complete internships, offers a 20-day summer internship opportunity at our Istanbul, Ankara, and Sakarya locations.

Part-Time Work Program: This program, announced through career portals based on the projects planned by business units and the resulting personnel needs, offers part-time work opportunities. Students involved in the part-time work program commit to a minimum of 3 working days per week, and a 5.5-month contract is provided.

The links for the application are listed below.

Koç Kariyerim Platformu: www.kockariyerim.com
Kariyer.net: Türk Traktör İş İlanları - Kariyer.net
Linkedin: TürkTraktör | LinkedIn