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Terms of use

This website has been prepared for information purposes in accordance with legal regulations. The content, graphics, images and documents presented on the website are for information purposes. None of the content presented is for commercial purposes. TürkTraktör does not provide financial consultancy services through its website. Nothing on this website is intended to invest in TürkTraktör shares. All responsibility for any decision to be made in the light of the information on the site belongs to the person visiting this site. TürkTraktör or any member of the board of directors, directors or employees are not responsible for any damages arising from the use of the website and its content.

Information and documents showing the financial status and operational results of TürkTraktör are available on the website. The current opinions and assumptions of the Company Management regarding the future situation may differ depending on the developments and realizations.

TürkTraktör reserves the right to change or terminate the content of the website, any service provided to users, and to delete the user information and data registered on the website from the system. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the website is error-free, TürkTraktör cannot be held liable under any name due to delay in revision, possible error or deficiency or changes in the website.

TürkTraktör cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damages that may arise from accessing or using the TürkTraktör website or any website accessed through a link from this website.

All rights of all written, pictorial, audio, visual, electronic materials published on the Website and whose copyrights and other intellectual and industrial property rights belong to TürkTraktör or other third parties and organizations are reserved. Including these materials on the Website cannot be construed as granting any authority, license or permission for their use. These materials cannot be copied, reproduced, reproduced or used in any way without the written permission of TürkTraktör. TürkTraktör may permit such materials (such as wallpaper, screen saver, advertisement film) to be copied to personal computers for non-professional or commercial use. The legal liability that may arise as a result of any use that violates the intellectual and industrial property rights of the materials on this site belongs to the violating User.

TürkTraktör reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or terminate the content of the site, any service provided to Users, and to delete user information and data registered on the TürkTraktör Web Site from its systems. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the Web Site is error-free, no guarantee is given for existing or potential errors on the site.

Although measures have been taken within the existing possibilities to ensure that the Website is free of viruses, trojans and similar software, the User is obliged to supply his own virus protection system and provide the necessary protection in order to ensure final security. In this context, the User accepts that he / she is responsible for all errors that may occur in his / her software and operating systems due to his / her access to the Website and their direct or indirect consequences.

If a criminal complaint or official investigation request is received from the official authorities against the User and / or it is detected that the User has committed any electronic sabotage or attack that will prevent the operation of Türk Traktör systems or change the operation, TürkTraktör will not investigate the identity information of the User. and has the right to notify the legal authorities.

TürkTraktör's electronic records will be accepted as evidence in disputes that may arise between users and TürkTraktör. Such will be authorized in the resolution of conflicts and disputes Ankara courts and executive offices will be resolved in accordance with Laws of the Republic of Turkey.

TürkTraktör Web Site reserves the right to change, renew or cancel any article of the Terms of Use without prior notice. Each provision that has been changed, renewed or abolished will be effective for all Users at the time of publication.

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