1954 - 1969
1970 - 1983
1984 - 1997
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Minneapolis Moline TürkTraktör and Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş. Had Been Established

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) was signed by and between MKE, TZDK, Ziraat Bankası, Tariş, Çukobirlik and Minneapolis-Moline. According to the foregoing MOA, Minneapolis-Moline would establish a company under the commercial title of TürkTraktör ve Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş. (Co. Inc.) with registered offices in Ankara and through an operating contract Minneapolis-Moline Co. would provide the local and foreign personnel and operate the factory. Ratio of the local personnel would be raised to at least 90% in not later than five years. It was decided that the company's duration would be 25 years and capital to be paid by the shareholders would be TL 20 million. The Company's establishment was ratified by the virtue of the Council of Ministers Resolution of 25th June 1954 and published on the Official Gazette of 29th July 1954.


The factory opens for business

The very First Tractor of Turkey was manufactured at TürkTraktör's plant on 8th March 1955.


Production Continues

TürkTraktör produced 1202 tractors between 1954 and 1957.


Production Continues

TürkTraktör produced 1202 tractors between 1954 and 1957.


Production Continues

TürkTraktör produced 1065 tractors between 1954 and 1957.


Foreign exchange shortage

Foreign exchange shortage caused stoppage in production activities. Later Turkish Liras shortage also emerged.


Profitable Year - Management Passes To Turkish Personnel

Despite all adversities and social turmoils, production was sustained thanks to support extended by Ziraat Bankası. 630 tractors were produced and sold. The period ended with profit. In 1960 and later, all operations including the General Directorate were carried out by Turkish personnel.


Local Contribution Exceeds 43%

Local contribution in tractors was increased to 43%. As a result of change experienced by Minneapolis-Moline during early 1961, Company's TL 6 million worth of shares were transferred to a US based company, Motec Industries Inc.


Local Contribution 50%, FIAT Tractor Assembly Starts

While local contribution reached 50%, a record level of production was achieved. This year hay machine, road cylinder and plows were also manufactured and sold, in addition to the tractors. During the second half of the year the first FIAT tractor was assembled.


Year of Agreement and Renovations

On 16th May 1963 a licensing agreement was signed with FIAT and preparations were started to increase local contribution to 30%. A commercial agreement was signed with Egemak which was General Dealer for FIAT in Turkey. TürkTraktör became a member of MESS (Turkish Employer Association of Metal Industries). The foundry which would cast the tractor parts, was put into service.


First Collective Labor Agreement, Standard Cost Accounting Practice

First collective labor agreement was signed at TürkTraktör. First standard cost labor agreement was initiated at Türk Traktör.


New Records, from "FIAT TÜRK" to "TÜRK FİAT"

MMTT Model's production was ended. It was switched to production of "Türk Fiat" brand.


Local Contribution 45%

In 1966 2,664 pcs of FIAT-TURK brand tractors were produced. Local contribution in production reached to 45%. The highest number of production was achieved in comparison with the previous years.


First Combines, Change to the Capital Structure

TürkTraktör produced 3501 pcs of tractors with 46% local contribution. As per Commercial Collaboration Agreement signed with OtoKoç, assembly of 24 pcs of combines was completed.

Significant changes took place in the capital and shareholder structure. FIAT and EGEMAK, Turkey Distributor of FIAT became new shareholders of TürkTraktör. The shares of Minneapolis-Moline, in the amount of TL 6 million, which had previously been transferred to Motec Industries, were this time transferred to White Motor Corp. Internazionale Holding FIAT SA took over a part of these shares, corresponding to TL 3 million. Shares, corresponding to TL 5 million, held by İzmir, Adana and Antalya Agricultural Sale Cooperative Unions were taken over by Egemak, Ege Makina ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Co. Inc.). 


CKD Practice TürkTraktör ve Ziraat Makineleri

With the participation of FIAT, an expansion project was prepared for higher level of local contribution and higher production volumes. The said project aimed at producing 10 thousand tractors per annum with a local contribution of 64%. Realization of Renewal and Modernization Project which was so prepared, continued till the end of 1974. The equipment which are necessary for importing and testing the engines which are in completely knocked down (CKD) form under the available possibilities was acquired and put into service. The Company was renamed as "TürkTraktör ve Ziraat Makineleri".


Higher Production Volume

TürkTraktör produced total 3,944 tractors between in 1969.


Higher Production Volume

Tractors which are produced from the very beginning till the end of 1970

Türk Fiat Tractors 

MMTT Tractors


Total Number of All Tractor Brands and Models Present in Tractor Fleet of Turkey 


A New Record Profit

5,087 pcs of tractors were manufactured. With TL 17,612,513, the largest profit up to date, was achieved. The profit was USD 1,258,037 with an exchange rate of $1 = TL 14.


Direct Purchase from Manufacturer

7,549 pcs of tractors were manufactured. Out of the imported components, the bearings and fuel pump were started to be purchased directly from the manufacturer.


Production Program Goes Well

9,511 pcs of tractors were manufactured. Profit achieved by the end of the year was TL 29,770,269. Corresponding amount in USD was 2,084,753 at an exchange rate of $1 = TL 14.28.


Inflation and Targets Rose

1974 was a year when the country in general experienced immense difficulties and inflation was higher. TürkTraktör produced 9,075 pcs of tractors. With the second Expansion Project which was revised in 1974, it was aimed to produce 30,000 tractors and 60,000 engines.


Renovation Projects

A new record was broken by producing 12,090 pcs of tractors. Number of employees was 1029. Modernization and renovation activities were completed.


Production and Profit Continues Rising

15,006 pcs of tractors were produced and a profit of TL 109,244,521 was accomplished. This profit corresponds to USD 6,491,059 ($1 = TL 16.83). The production and the profit in 1976, were the highest outcomes achieved by the Company in spite of the difficulties in transferring foreign exchange. 3. A Renovation and Modernization Project was drafted and submitted to the Ministry of Industry.


Renovation and Modernization Year, Trakmak

1. In this year when 14,075 pcs of tractors were manufactured, investments continued.
2. The Renovation and Modernization Project was fulfilled except for two mills.
3. An incentive certificate was obtained for the Renovation and Modernization Project. By means of this project, it was intended to renew such auxiliary parts as Tool Making and Quality Control, etc. One of the most significant development of the year was Egemak's assignment of General Distributorship duty to Trakmak as of 1st of January 1977.


100.000th Tractor Has Been Manufactured

One hundred thousandth tractor was presented to Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture in June 1978 with a ceremony attended by the state elders and guests.


First Tractor Export of Turkey, When Türk Traktör Being 25 Years Old

In this very year when TürkTraktör celebrated its 25th anniversary, 300 pcs of Model 480 tractors were exported to Pakistan.


Production Declines

Tractors Which are Produced from the Very Beginning Till the End of 1980
Türk FIAT Tractors     

MMTT Tractors    

120. 548

TürkTraktör's Production in 1980 
Model 480, Türk FIAT 

Total Production of the Other Companies 

Model 640, Türk FIAT  


50 NC Truck Engine   


New Workshop Building, RAM Dış Ticaret A.Ş. (Co. Inc.)

For a long time, TürkTraktör have realized 40 to 52% of Turkey's production. This year too, it produced 11,011 pcs of tractors thereby representing 44% of total production of Turkey. A collaboration was initiated with RAM Dış Ticaret A.Ş. (Co. Inc.) for exporting to Middle East and North African countries. Included amongst the significant investment made in this year was new 6,580 m2 workshop building and enlargement of heat treatment workshop. In 1981, preparation was made and production was initiated for a new product with the name of "bm 148 Baler".


Exports to Iran

TürkTraktör signed a contract with Iran for exporting 5,000 pcs of tractors and shipped 2,100 tractors over there. USD 181,315 worth of spare parts was exported. TürkTraktör which produced 16,017 tractors that represents 72% of its production capacity in this year, reached the highest level of production on annual basis since its establishment.


A New Record in Production!

Tractor Production in 1983 (Pcs)

Model 480 Türk FIAT (84% local contribution)


Model 480 S/8, Türk FIAT  

Model 640, Türk FIAT (for exports)




50 NC Truck Engine



TürkTraktör The Leader in Production and Sales

This year, 82% of the capacity was used, with a production 18,313 tractors out of the capacity of 22,500 tractors.


Higher Production Volume

Tractor Production in 1985
Model 480, Türk FIAT   

Model 480 S/8, Türk FIAT     

Model 640, Türk FIAT  


50 NC Truck Engine   


50 NC Truck Engine  

New models were started to be produced. CNH processing centers were imported.
Tractor Production in 1986 (Pcs)
Model 480, Türk FIAT    

Model 480 S/8, Türk FIAT    

Model 640, Türk FIAT   

Model 54-56, Türk FIAT   

Model 65-46, Türk FIAT                                                 1.886
Model 65-46 DT, Türk FIAT 

Model 54C, Türk FIAT                                                         498
Total                                                  13.019


Production of 46 Series Continues

This year, product range which was initiated last year and diversified with 46 series tractors, was continued. Thirty four percent of the tractor fleet of Turkey was manufactured by TürkTraktör.


Production and Export of Tractor Bodies (Croceras)

1988's production which mainly comprised of 46 series tractors, reached only to 11,113 pcs. However "tractor body" (crocera) production, which would progressively increase over the next years, kicked in. The tractor body which comprises of transmission and differentials as well as final drives and hydraulic lifts was manufactured for the first time in this year to be shipped off to Fiat-Italy. FIAT Trattori S.p.A. was renamed to FIAT GEOTECH S.p.A. Computer aided design application, "AutoCAD" was started to be used.


56 Series Tractors with Hydraulic Lift

Production of 56 series tractors was started. These tractors with hydraulic lift were not being manufactured in other companies affiliated to FIAT. That's why the path to export these 56 series tractors to FIAT, was opened. TürkTraktör's treatment plant having the versatile and state of the art technology was put into service.


Number of Tractor Manufacturers Declines, 66 Series Exports to Ital

Tractor Production in 1990 (Pcs)
Model 55-46, Türk FIAT     2.705
Model 65-46, Türk FIAT   382
Model 54C, Türk FIAT    278
Model 60-56, Türk FIAT   3.499
Model 70-56, Türk FIAT      1.886
Model 70-46 DT, Türk FIAT     142
Model 70-66, Türk FIAT          498
Model 80-66, Türk FIAT          498
Model 80-66 DT, Türk FIAT    498
Total is 13,019.
Tractor Body "Crocera" 1,362
TürkTraktör's Production Between 1954 and End of 1990 (Pcs)
Türk FIAT Tractors    245.256
MMTT Tractors    4.879
Total is 250,135.
Model 60-56, Türk FIAT 3,499
Total Number of Tractors Produced in Turkey in 1990 (Pcs)
TürkTraktör's Production 12,528
Other Companies' Production 18,184
Total is 30,712.
Total Number of All Brand of Tractors in Tractor Fleet of Turkey 692,454


CNC Mills Starts Being Used

This year the processing centers and CNC mills were put into service as technological investments. Only 9,080 pcs of tractors were manufactured due to Gulf Crisis..


Faces Smile, Company Fully Privatized

The economy in general recovered in comparison with the previous year and 10,508 pcs of tractors were manufactured. 1,051 pcs of tractor bodies were exported to Italy. The profit obtained by the end of the year made everybody smile. The Public Partnership Administration, which is the state controlled shareholder of the Company transferred all of its shares to Koç Group on September 12, 1992. On that date the Company became fully private. The foundry was closed down. Ideas and pro engineer applications were started to be used. TürkTraktör's share in domestic production was 48.37 % in 1992. Assuming that "Tractor Body" is 40% of a tractor, this share increases to 49.35%. As to the share of TürkTraktör in tractor fleet of Turkey, it rose to 37.10%.


Türk Traktör Once More Starts Producing Engines

Türk Traktör suprassed even the figures it achieved in the past and produced 22,127 pcs of tractors. In this year when "crocera" production figures were also high and engine production almost doubled.

Türk Traktör was crowned by three 1996 prizes awarded by Ankara Chamber of Industry by the end of 1997. - The first place in 1996 corporate tax category with TL 1.9 trillion corporate tax - the first place in product development category with an entire tractor design with a transmission having 16 forward and 4 reverse gears, - again another first place in environment protection category with paint emissions improvement, industrial waste water treatment plant, waste water and flue gas emissions laboratory and environmental management system - these prizes of Türk Traktör, which took Ankara's 14th place in exports category following the SEEs (State Economic Enterprise), were admitted by General Manager Hakkı Akkan in a ceremony held on December 18, 1997 at Ankara Hiton Hotel, which was also honored by President Süleyman Demirel's presence.

Three FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) lines were completed. By means of these lines, it became possible to machine transmission boxes incessantly around the clock. The new workshop building with a surface area of 20 thousand m2 of the 2nd phase construction project, was mostly complete this year. Türk Traktör which continued its recent investment spree, placed 15 pcs of CNC mills into service this year.

MRP/ERP (Manufacturing Resource Planning/Engineering Resource Planning) software package by Oracle was put into service. It started using advanced systems in production control and planning too and FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) was put into service.


Engine Block Cylinder Head are Machined

The engine production which started last year continued in this year too but with in less quantity. For the first time in TürkTraktör, an engine block cylinder head was machined. ADAMS and ANSYS applications were purchased for product design calculations and verifications. 10,010 pcs of tractors, 1506 pcs of crocera and 464 engines were manufactured in total. This year, "self assessment" activities were initiated on the basis of EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) Total Quality Model under the scope of Koç 2000 Project. Activities for a suggestion system were started.


Increase in Demand, Exports to Mexico

Production of "bodies with engines installed" which shall also be exported to Mexico was started this year. In line with the increased local demand, 18,738 pcs of tractors were manufactured, corresponding to an 87% increase in production. The fact that the foreign exchange rate which had been tackled previously, was relaxed downwards to the realistic levels was instrumental in the peak we experienced in the demand in comparison with the last year. As a result, the increased purchasing power of the population who demand tractors, resulted in expected production and sale figures to TürkTraktör. The engine and crank shaft machining lines which were just put into service also contributed to this record-breaking outcomes. The number of the engines which were being manufactured in the past in limited quantities, was increased up to 8502 pcs.


Tractors with Power Steering and Cab

While the production of engines and "tractor bodies" increased, production of tractors with power steering and cab was started. 20,146 pcs of tractors were manufactured. Share of TürkTraktör in domestic production reached to 45.92%. Body painting plant was put into service. Oracle MRP/ERP was started to be implemented. We lost our founder, Mr. Vehbi Koç on February 25, 1996.


New Partnership, New Era, New Brand

A new era has started in June 1998. Koç Holding and New Holland, by the virtue of joint venture agreement they made and entered into, would share the management and offer 25% of the shares to the public. Moreover within the framework of the said agreement, TürkTraktör has become more integrated into system of New Holland in terms of product development, engineering, production, procurement, exports and sales. The Agreement stipulated that TürkTraktör is production center for 56 and 66 model tractors within the structure of NH. TürkTraktör was designated as production center for 55 and 56 model tractors. 1998 was a successful year when a true integration/fusion was achieved under the terms and conditions of the agreement. TürkTraktör once more broke the records and produced 24,080 pcs of tractors. With the integration of Türk Traktör into New Holland network, the products with "TÜRK-FIAT" brand, were rebranded as "New Holland" as of August 1998. Again by August 1998, "ORACLE Manufacturing" ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning" software project was concluded and all functional departments have started using ERP software. 1998 was a successful year.


New Technology Increases Production Capacity

The global crisis, the drought experienced throughout the year, agricultural policies and practices as well as the earthquake with a Richter magnitude of 7.4 experienced in Eastern Marmara Region on 17th of August, adversely influenced both Turkey and TürkTraktör. The production reached merely to 8,794 tractors, by the end of year. Of this production 574 pcs were exported to Pakistan. Work was started on a new model which shall attract attention of both Turkey and the world. Through this project it was intended to keep main functionality of 56 and 66 series tractors but transform the outline of the tractors into current models of NH.The investments which had been made for for capacity increasing and more modern production lines as well as a new assembly line, were completed in 1999 and assembly lines for hydraulic lifts, drivelines, engines and tractors were moved to the new settlement area. Thus annual production capacity rose to 35,000 pcs.


Three New Models 50 SPC, 60 SPC, 60 JUN, Welcome CASE

Three New Models were started to be produced: 50 SPC, 50 SPC, 60 JUN. Moreover the engineering activities for "CASE" brand tractors which would be started to be manufactured after a year were continued. Design details of 56 and 66 model tractors were performed by TürkTraktör's engineers. The so called clothing of new model tractors was completed in 2000 by working together with a US master designer, John Russel for an attractive outline for the tractors. New Holland purchased off the shares of CASE company which had a high market share in USA. Thus the partner of TürkTraktör became CNH - Case New Holland. As of 2004, CASE NEW HOLLAND was one of the largest agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer of the world. This year production would be able to reach merely 14,186 pcs of tractors.


60C Model, A Joint Design Project

In 2001 prototype tests of new model TD Blue tractors which were designed by TürkTraktör's employees, were completed and preparations for serial production were initiated. We reached at the verge of serial production for 5 main models of tractors with engine power ranging from 55 HP to 95 HP, with platform or cab options. Although production figures were lower due to economic crisis in 2001, it was a very productive year in terms of productivity and prospective activities.


TD and JX Model Tractors, Green Engine

In the second half of 2002, we started serial production of TD tractors for domestic market and in the second half of the same year we started exporting TD and JX model tractors to several countries in five continents. In March 2002, TD model tractors with engines compliant with EURO-1 standard, were launched in the domestic market.Thus the level of achievement accomplished by TürkTraktör engineering team, was proven with the production of GREEN ENGINES.Productivity enhancement activities were continued throughout the year thereby saving production and assembly times required for TD and JX model tractors. In 2002 fall, TD Series tractors were introduced to the entire world under New Holland brand and JX series under Case IH brand by means of CNH's sales network.


TT Series, Increase in Production and Exports

In 2003 design activities were started for TT series to replace C and 56 series tractors and their prototypes were manufactured in December 2003. New variants of TD and JX models were launched. TürkTraktör started exporting these tractor models to more than 50 countries in 5 continents via CNH's sales network. Total EUR 117,629,148 was derived from such exports. TürkTraktör was awarded by CASE New Holland with "Circle of Excellence Award" for the excellent achievement exhibited by TürkTraktör in design of TD/JX models.


Continued To Rise in 50th Anniversary, Offering Shares to Public

50th anniversary of the company was celebrated on 6th of April 2004. A gold colored tractor which was manufactured in the gold year as well as UTSD Model tractor which was the first product of the factory was brought back to the factory courtesy of Mr. Aydın Menderes, and restored to its previous glory. The ceremony that was held aimed at bringing the first and the latest model together. Twenty four point ninety nine percent of TürkTraktör's shares was publicly listed. 2004 witnessed a new "launching" ceremony too. 54C Junior and Special models which were being sold in the domestic market were replaced by TT series. The Company celebrated summer festival, year-end recreations, award ceremonies which it organize every year, by inviting its retired personnel too. Total 20,972 pcs of tractors were manufactured this year.


International Certificates of Quality, Year of Great Achievements

TürkTraktör had its quality in production processes be certified by means of a ISO 9001-2000 certificate and its environment friendliness by means of ISO 14001-2000 certificate it obtained. Another source of pride for the company was the fact that it has established ISO 27001 standard compliant system in the company, which is a first for Turkey.

TürkTraktör became a Champion Taxpayer with the corporate tax it paid in 2004. Moreover it acquired the third place amongst the companies with the highest export volumes. The awards were given by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to Hakkı Akkan, General Manager of TürkTraktör.

Hakkı Akkan, General Manager of the Company held the second place in the list of "Executives Whose Companies Grew Highest between 2001 and 2004".

Eyüp Güler, an employee of Türk Traktör, was selected as "Examplary Worker" by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The first straddle model was produced.

Within the framework of its 50th anniversary events the Company organized a national conference titled "Hydrogen Energy" under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nejat Veziroğlu, at ODTÜ Culture and Congress Center.
Number of tractors produced was 17,870.


TürkTraktör Becomes the First Company Obtaining TS ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate

New Holland TD Series tractors and export-only CASE JX series tractors were renovated and started to be shipped domestically and abroad in renovated form as of July 2006.

TürkTraktör was the first company which was entitled to receive TS ISO/IEC 27001 certificate in Turkey.
A marvel of technology product, TD95D, manufactured by TürkTraktör was assigned to serve the Ministry of Agriculture.

Ankara Chamber of Industry (ACI) awarded our Company with the first place amongst the companies which pay the highest amount of Corporate Tax and in 2005 with third place amongst the members which realize the highest volumes of exports.

It was also deemed worthy of Commendation due to "TS EN ISO - 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate" it held. Our production was 17,257 pcs in 2006.


TürkTraktör Produces the 500,000th Tractor

TürkTraktör, which was the first manufacturer of Turkish Automotive industry celebrated its 500,000th tractor exiting the production line with a ceremony on 09/11/2007.

The 500,000th tractor so produced was donated to Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture. The Case-IH model which had been produced for foreign markets since 2002 and cherished as a "Ferrari" of tractors, was started to be released to domestic market in Turkey too as of September.

On September 4, 2007, we celebrated our 150,000th engine leaving the production line with participation of all our personnel. Our production was 18,348 pcs in 2007.


"Award for Achievement in Agricultural Industry" to our General Director, Mr. Hakkı Alan

TürkTraktör which started making engines with a daily capacity of 65 engines for the first time in 1994, increased this figure to 90 days with the production it made in June and July 2008.

Our General Manager, Mr. Hakkı Akkan, was found worthy of and awarded with "the Award for Achievement in Agricultural Industry" at the 59th anniversary events for Association of Agriculturists of Turkey and 7th National Congress for Agriculture within the framework of sponsorship.

TürkTraktör was found worthy of "Quality Circles Award" which was granted by Kalder (Quality Association) Ankara for the first time this year.

TürkTraktör was recipient of a nationwide award with its study called "Mill Based Risk Analysis" at the "Best Practices Awards" organized by The Ministry of Labor and Social Security, General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety.

Our production was 22,113 pcs in 2008.


Corporate Governance Activities

Our Company's rating was raised from 78.34 (7.83 over 10) to 81.21 (8.12 over 10) as a result of audits performed by Saha Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Co. Inc.) by giving consideration to the importance we attach to the corporate governance principles as well as improvements we made. Our 2009 production was 14,309 pcs.


TürkTraktör was entitled to receive a plaque by holding the 20th place in Ankara with the corporate tax in the amount of TL 17,096,598 it paid from its 2008 profit. Our Company was entitled to receive a plaque from Ankara Chamber of Industry (ACI) with the high volume of exports it realized in 2008. Mr. Marco Votta, Assistant General Manager, in charge of Financial Affairs received the plaque from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

R&D Center

Our R&D center was also registered by the Ministry of Industry as of 7/2/2009. It is planned that R&D center wherein 54 engineers and technicians were working as of the end of 2009, would assume new projects and responsibilities and would be enlarged within the next few years.

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

TürkTraktör made the occupational health and safety practices it sustains be compliant with BS OHSAS 18001 standard by means of the project activities it undertook. Our Company successfully passed the audits carried out by TUV Rheiland during the year and has been entitled to receive a BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate.


550,000th Tractor and 200,000th Engine Manufactured

550,000th Tractor and 200,000th Engine Manufactured
TürkTraktör which realized the first exports in 1979 amongst the companies operating in Turkish automotive industry, manufactured 100% locally-made tractor complete with both engine and drivelines in 1994. TürkTraktör achieved production of 200 thousandth of engine and 550 thousandth of tractor in 2010. At TürkTraktör which has been the first institution of Turkish automotive industry which was capable of producing engines through its own means, 7 different engines with powers ranging from 50 HP to 100 HP and having 3 and 4 cylinders. The locally manufactured high performing and environment friendly engines could be installed on tractors which are both marketed locally or exported to several countries. TürkTraktör which produced its 100 thousandth engine in 2003, 150 thousandth engine in 2007, undersigned another first in tractor industry of Turkey thanks to its total number of 200 thousand engines it achieved in 2010.

TürkTraktör Certified With "Integrated Management Systems"

TürkTraktör has been entitled to receive "Integrated Management Systems" certificate issued by TUV Rheiland international independent certification body, covering the fields of quality, occupational health and safety and environment on 7/29/2010.

TürkTraktör Breaks 20,000 Record In Front 4WD Axles

TürkTraktör which produced its 20,000th front 4wd axle on 12/15/2010 through its global scale R&D and expertise of Turkish engineers, increase abundance of Anatolian soil while decreasing costs of the farmers through its innovative products.


600,000th tractor manufactured

CNH Global NV, a Netherlands based company, one of the shareholders of the Company, transferred its shares in the amount of TL 20,013,375 to an Austria based company, CNH Österreich GmbH, which is 100% owned by the former.

Utility Tractor project which was announced in 2010, was completed and serial production started within 2011. This model which was produced for global markets, adds itself as a new one to the tractor series which are released for foreign markets.

600,000th tractor was removed from the production line and annual production figure which was 815 in 1955 rose to 40 thousand by the end of 2011.

The Fiat 480 series tractor which was a legend back in 70s, was resurrected by once more producing only 480 of them.


10th Year in TDD/JX Exports

A record was broken by exporting 14,565 tractors.

10th anniversary of exporting TDD/JX series tractors was celebrated.

Another first was achieved in tractor market of Turkey and a tractor capable of outputting 110 HP was released.


Foundations Laid for Erenler Plant

The foundations for Erenler Assembly Plant were laid.

In 2013 651 pcs of combines are sold, breaking another sales record, representing a 51% increase in comparison with 2012.

An Imports and Distributorship Agreement was signed with CNHI International SA for realizing import, local sales, marketing and after sale services in Turkey of the New Holland and Case IH brand construction machineries.


Erenler Factory Opened

Inauguration of the second plant of TürkTraktör, which would increase its production capacity to 50 thousand concurrently with 60th anniversary of its establishment, was held in Sakarya, Erenler.


TürkTraktör Completes 2015 With Record Outcomes

TürkTraktör which sold 47 thousand 124 eas of tractors in Turkey and abroad in 2015, once more undersigned another brilliant year of its history thanks to the production and sale it realized and the outputs it obtained and many awards it won in different fields during the year.With a turnover of TL 3.1 billion it realized in 2015, it have achieved its target of euro 1 billion turnover.


Türk Traktör Keeps Its Leadership For A Decade

 TürkTraktör which produced 800 thousandth tractor in 2016 which is the 62th anniversary of its establishment, made new series of both New Holland and Case IH brand tractors, latter celebrating its 175th anniversary in this industry, available to farmers. TürkTraktör which have had the first R&D center of Turkey in its industry, continued its R&D related activities throughout the year and continued to releasing products which make lives of the farmers easier.

TürkTraktör which has been the first manufacturer that exported first tractors of Turkey thanks to the exports it realized in 1979, is positioned as an international actor with export operations it realized to more than 130 countries.

TürkTraktör which has a always-rising trend in foreign sales, fulfills approximately 90% of the total tractor exports of Turkey all by itself. Türk Traktör reached 12 thousand 625 units in foreign sales by the end of 2016.


TürkTraktör Initiates Conscious Farmer Safe Farming Project

By means of this project TürkTraktör, first of all, aims at instilling the farmers and all tractor operators in general, a sense of safe driving practices and enhancing safety of the citizens who use the same working space with them and roads and also mitigating economic losses to be experienced in national economy due to any work force loss which may emerge in agricultural industry.


TürkTraktör Opens an "R&D Design and Innovation Office" in Istanbul

TürkTraktör which has the first R&D center of Turkey's in its industry, allocated more than TL 230 million to R&D investments to date since its establishment in 2009. The Company, in addition to R&D Center in Ankara, has also opened a new R&D, Design and Innovation Office in Istanbul.


TürkTraktör's Erenler Plant Carried Its Production Output to Silver Level Designation in World Class Production

Despite only 5 years passed since its inauguration, TürkTraktör's Erenler Plant undersigned another accomplishment and attained "Silver Factory" designation in World Class Manufacturing system due to systematic efforts aiming at enhancing the standards in all departments of the plant.


TürkTraktör Begins Manufacturing Construction Machinery at its Ankara Factory

TürkTraktör has started local production on backhoe loaders in its Ankara plant with an additional investment of TL 20 million.


TürkTraktör manufactured its 1 millionth tractor

TürkTraktör, which has introduced hundreds of innovations that have shaped the agricultural sector, has taken its 1 millionth tractor off the production line, marking another milestone in its history full of success.


TürkTraktör started the domestic production of TR6 series cabs at the Erenler Plant and produced the 600,000th engine in its history.

TürkTraktör started the production of TR6 series cabs at its Erenler plant, which had previously been supplied from abroad. It also produced the 600 thousandth engine in its history.


TürkTraktör’s 1000th Domestic Backhoe Loader

TürkTraktör has achieved an important milestone in the field of construction equipment. It realized the 1000th production of domestic backhoe loaders, which it launched at the beginning of 2020.