Diversity and Inclusion

In today's world, employees prefer to work in companies where equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion are integral parts of the corporate culture. Furthermore, we are aware that companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion tend to be more innovative and successful. Within TürkTraktör's corporate culture and operational framework, diversity and inclusion principles constitute the foundation of our human resources management. We firmly believe that the presence of diversity in terms of religion, language, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disabilities enriches TürkTraktör, regardless of these differences.


As TürkTraktör, one of our primary goals is to leave a better world to future generations through ecofriendly activities while respecting the expectations of society. In line with this commitment, our sustainability strategy, 'Impact on the Future,' implemented in 2022, focuses on the following four areas:

Leadership for the Future
Future Competencies with Innovation,
Responsibly in Operations and Products, 
Future of Agriculture