Our Agile Manifesto

Agile Work Culture

To support our agile cultural transformation, we've organized numerous events to encourage our employees to embrace this change. We share our experiences with agile processes in each episode of our broadcast series named Agile Juke Box, featuring a different and brand-new topic each time. At TürkTraktör, we support those who make mistakes... In our Mistake Club meetings, we share our mistakes and the lessons we've learned from them. We support agile transformation and change through our Change Station meetings.


We share the experiences in agile processes with all our employees through a video series named 'How I Met Agile.' Moreover, all the actors are our employees.
We measure our agility maturity every year through the Business Agility Institute (BAI)'s survey and plan our actions accordingly.
During every step of the journey, our agile dictionary accompanies us.
We strengthen our agile leadership perspective through leadership climate workshops.