Design Process

Product design at TürkTraktör is carried out by four main units, which are Cab / Platform Design Engineering, Electrical / Electronic Architecture Design Engineering, Powertrain Design Engineering and Advanced Technologies Design Engineering.

Cabin/Platform Design

The following works are carried out as part of Cab / Platform Design: design of the cab or platform structures that form the operator area of the vehicle; cab suspension system design; development of bodywork systems, air conditioning and heating system and protective structure; trim works of control arms and pedals as well as vehicle interior and exterior; style development for steering systems, driver and passenger seats and parts that make up the visual appearance of the vehicle.

While designing the operator area, components used as protective structures for the operator are also developed in addition to the ergonomic positioning of the control systems.

Powertrain Design

Powertrain design teams are responsible for transferring the power from the engine to the wheels. To this end, the teams work on the development of new generation engines and emission removal systems compatible with the latest emission levels and their integration with various tractor models. The teams are also responsible for the design of power transmission systems such as Power Shuttle and Semi Power Shift, which are high-tech products that best meet changing customer demands. Moreover, the vehicle chassis, front axle, rear axle and all gear systems are designed with the help of advanced modern software.

Electrical - Electronic Architecture Design

The team is responsible for the entire electrical and electronic architecture of the vehicles, which include works related to indicators used in the cab, easy-to-use electronic control levers and controlling various components with these controls as well as in-vehicle cabling design. The team is also in charge of the design and development of electronic systems such as the electronic control unit, which is installed on the vehicle to constantly monitor the engine condition and ensure the highest performance as well as satellite-supported auxiliary steering systems.


Advanced Technologies Design Engineering

The advanced technologies design engineering team is responsible for the integration of state-of-the-art Agriculture 4.0 smart agricultural technologies and alternative fuel vehicle technologies to our products. Under the ongoing projects, first, functional prototypes equipped with the new technologies are developed. In line with the feedback received from the customers, the development of products with these technologies is completed, followed by the launching of the products for the market.