Tat And TürkTraktör Offer A Significant Support For The Farmer

Tat And TürkTraktör Offer A Significant Support For The Farmer

Tat Gıda, with efforts to particularly develop tomato farming since 1967 as the market leader brand of Turkey, and TürkTraktör -the long-established manufacturer and leader of the Turkish tractor market- have joined forces to improve the living standards of the seasonal workers and raise their awareness on protection against Coronavirus, as they are currently employed for seeding, ploughing and harvesting, at a critical dime due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two strong brands of Turkey, Tat and TürkTraktör joined forces with a commitment to overcome the novel type coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic which has impacted the whole world. The companies shared the motto “#wewillrecover hand in hand as the overall Turkey” and ventured in the “Hygiene Project” to secure farmers’ health and ensure continuity of production.

Two strong brands of food and agriculture have joined forces for seasonal farm workers 

Tat and TürkTraktör have continued supporting Turkish farmers also for the fight against the pandemic and under the project, they provided showers and toilets at 10 different locations were seasonal farm workers live while they assist for the agricultural operations of approximately 500 contracted farmers in Bursa and Izmir. 

The seasonal farm workers have also been provided with a hygiene package support which includes essential hygiene products such as gloves, mask, soaps and shampoos. 

The ways of protection against the pandemic are also explained

With the project, in addition to improving the living standards of seasonal farm workers, Tat and TürkTraktör also organized “Awareness Workshops” to explain the ways of protection from coronavirus. 

Under the scope of the awareness-raising activities, healthcare professionals informed contracted farmers and seasonal farm workers on coronavirus and detailed the ways of being protected against the disease. 

In addition to awareness-raising activities, thermometers have also been provided for regular daily temperature checks.

Tat, having trained and developed its farmers under contracted farming uninterruptedly since its foundation, and pioneered for conscious tomato farming, and TürkTraktör being one of the longest established companies of Turkey with a vision of shaping modern agriculture and having been the leader of the tractor market for 13 year, continue to support the farmers during the days of pandemic in order to attain a sustainable agricultural production process, and avoid any obstacles in food production.