Precision Farming

TürkTraktör Precision Farming

TürkTraktör offers a wide range of precision agriculture systems to enable farmers to grow more crops on the existing agricultural land, use inputs such as pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and fuel at the ideal level, and increase efficiency by reducing plant crushing during maintenance, thus contributing to sustainable agriculture.

TürkTraktör Precision Farming – Automatic Steering Systems

Automatic steering systems transfer the position verification data received from various sources (satellite, cell site, mobile data) to the hydraulic system or the electric motor positioned on the steering wheel of the tractor. Thus, high precision steering is carried out on the desired working line.

In the TürkTraktör product range, we offer automatic steering systems suitable for all agricultural enterprises and activities. These products can be requested after sales, regardless of the tractor brand and model, or they are also offered as standard components with various New Holland and Case IH models.

TürkTraktör Guide – Smart Guidance System

TTGuide Smart Guidance System is developed domestically by TürkTraktör to enable farmers to enjoy the agriculture of the future today while reducing the costs of pesticides and fertilizers.

TTGuide Smart Guidance System minimizes mistakes made especially during agricultural activities such as spraying and fertilization. The easy-to-use system thanks to its user-friendly menu helps the operator stay on the working lines created depending on the working width.

TürkTraktör Connect – Fleet and Vehicle Tracking System

TürkTraktör brings the agriculture of the future not only to the fields but also to farmers’ mobile and web devices. Farmers can monitor, just with a tap or click, their New Holland and Case IH tractors featuring state-of-the-art engines complying with the latest emission levels.

TTConnect is a fleet and vehicle tracking system developed specifically for New Holland and Case IH tractor models with the latest emission levels. The TTConnect module connected to the tractor increases the operating performance of fleets composed of a number of tractors. Farmers can visit the website or use the mobile app to access technical data, operating status, location information, maintenance periods and movement history of tractors through user-friendly menus.

TürkTraktör Precision Farming – Flow and Ratio Control

Spraying, highly affecting the use of chemicals, is an important stage in crop cultivation and is carried out multiple times during the season depending on the product. As TürkTraktör, we aim to maximize spraying efficiency by ensuring the communication between smart spraying equipment and our automatic steering systems, thus contributing to sustainable agriculture.

The automatic flow and ratio control system connects the spraying equipment and the automatic steering system via the ISOBUS line. This connection enables the automatic controlling of the sections / valves on the spraying equipment with the position information received from the automatic steering system. The system prevents errors such as overlapping and spraying outside the field border, providing up to 15% pesticide savings.

TürkTraktör Precision Farming – Yield Mapping System

As TürkTraktör, we play an important role in enabling the Turkish farmers to enjoy the agriculture of the future today, not only thanks to our tractors and equipment but also our combine harvester models. Yield mapping systems, offered as standard in our suitable combine harvester models, record the yield obtained from each point of the field during harvest and use the data to create a map. Farmers can use this map to receiving information about the current status of each point of the field and make regional improvements for the next season. Thus, the use of chemicals is optimized and greater efficiency is achieved each season.

TürkTraktör Drone

As TürkTraktör, we introduce the cutting-edge agricultural technologies to our farmers and provide drone spraying services with our dealers in various regions of Turkey. We offer agricultural drones, piloted by our fully trained dealer staff, to reduce pesticide costs and prevent unnecessary chemical use.

  • Capability of spraying during rainy season
  • Avoiding plant crushing / loss
  • Spraying pesticides in smaller particles
  • Ensuring the adhesion of pesticides to the plant thanks to the effect of the wings
  • Fast and effective spraying