Conscious Farmers & Operators Thanks To The Safe Driving Trainings Of TürkTraktör

Conscious Farmers & Operators Thanks To The Safe Driving Trainings Of TürkTraktör

TürkTraktör continues its corporate social responsibility efforts with 'Conscious Farmer, Safe Farming' project designed to minimize the tractor accident related losses and raise awareness about this issue.

While TürkTraktör trainers continue to offer on-site trainings to farmers all around Turkey and tractor operators from all sectors, the online contests and surveys organized within the scope of this project instill awareness for safe driving. 

TürkTraktör, leading Turkish agriculture for the past 65 years with its pioneer works, reached more than 20 thousand people both on-line and on-site with its corporate social responsibility project “Conscious Farmer, Safe Farming”.

Aykut Özüner, CEO of TürkTraktör named traffic safety as a national necessity that should not be neglected. "TürkTraktör's focus has always been the farmers. Thus, minimizing the accidents that our farmers have and the number of lives that we lose is among our main goals. Believing that we can prevent these accidents caused by unconscious tractor driving and agricultural equipment use not just on site but also in public spaces, we continue to carry out our project actively. Based on 2018 data of Turkish Statistical Institute, the accident rate in some of our training regions had decreased. We are pleased if we had contributed to this improvement. Besides these trainings, we also improve our products in the light of the feedbacks we receive from those who had attended the trainings. For example, there were many farmers affected from power take-off accidents. Thus, some of our models, now, have a safety sensor that triggers an audio alarm when the driver stands up during power take-off and stops the engine at the end of a specific period. This double-safety ensures the protection of our farmers." said Özüner.

Aykut Özüner also mentioned the online contest and survey that they had organized to see the improvement and continued: "83% of the participants own tractors and 91% have the license to operate one. And more than 50% of the farmers that attended our survey this year expressed their desire to take Safe Driving Training, proving their willingness for improvement. The speed limits and safety belts are among the most crucial subjects that need awareness."

Not just farmers, all tractor operators benefit from safe driving trainings.

The project that continues with the motto "Accident is Not a Fate" also attracts attention from different sectors and thus reaches a lot of people. The last example to this is the training organized by TürkTraktör Academy for the bank employees licensed to operate tractors at Yapı Kredi Banking Base. Such trainings will continue at every field that uses tractors, agricultural equipment and construction equipment. 

For details of the trainings offered all around Turkey throughout the year and other actions taken within the scope of the project can be reached via