Online "Test Drive" Opputinity from TürkTraktör to Prepare the Youngsters for Business Life

Online "Test Drive" Opputinity from TürkTraktör to Prepare the Youngsters for Business Life

TürkTraktör has invited students who are are at 3rd and 4th years of their university education to the Test Drive Internship Program to prepare the professionals of the future for business life. Applications for "2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program" which has been realized with the aim of continuous improvement and whereby TürkTraktör offers the students short and long term internship possibilities, have been received between 15 and 16 June 2020 at Digital Koç Career Expo.Under the scope of the program all processes of application, exam and interview have been realized digitally.

Those students who are entitled to be placed in the program shall complete their internship through activities to be provided again digitally. 

Interest shown to applications done digitally was high.

Following the applications collected, the students participated in the foreign language exam and interviews.  Those participants who successfully completed all stages have been matched with suitable functions and projects, thereby becoming a part of "2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program". 

Mr. Osman Özdemir, Human Resources Director of TürkTraktör, said that they gave 'a test drive opportunity" to the professionals of future, even before stepping into business world, continuing: "We transferred our programs intended for young talents to digital environment just like we did with the other business processes as of March, due to pandemic experienced in Turkey together with the world.  The interest shown to our internship program which we have realized for several years and where we provide the young professionals with the possibility to experience different aspects of the professional life was high this year. While total 750 students applied, only 52 students were entitled to take place in "2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program" as a result of evaluations performed. 

By means of Test Drive program, young talents are given opportunity to do a real "test drive" in business life.

Mr. Osman Özdemir, who also added that under the scope of 2020 Test Drive Online 2.0 Program they received the highest number of applications for production and associated industrial functions this year stated : "Our online internship program is organized between 08/18/2020 and 09/15/2020. Our interns shall be included in the projects to be determined by such functions as Product and R&D, Human Resources, Quality, In-House Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Procurement, After Sales and Production. Besides they shall learn general operation of the functions for which they are performing the project, have knowledge about different functions, participate online panels and be included pleasant and tutorial events which shall support their personal development."