Twenty Thousand Farmers Benefits TürkTraktör's Smart Farming App, "My Mobile Field".

Twenty Thousand Farmers Benefits TürkTraktör's Smart Farming App, "My Mobile Field".

Last year, TürkTraktör, the leader of tractor market in Turkey, introduced the user friendly "My Mobile Field" app which supports use of technology in agriculture and extends decision making support to the farmers in case of field activities. 

Via My Mobile Field app which has been developed to offer advices to the farmers to decrease input costs and increase operational productivity and become a solution which provide added value in agricultural production, total 250,000 decares of agricultural land are tracked.

Number of farmers who use the app, to benefit from significant advantages offered by "My Mobile Field" app, which attracts attention as a "first" in the industry, reached to about 20 thousand in the first year. The farmers who use My Mobile Field app the most are the farmers in Ankara, Istanbul and Konya provinces.
TürkTraktör made My Mobile Field app free of charge in April and May in order to prevent agricultural production not be interrupted and to support field operations of the farmers in coronovirus pandemic. 
Thanks to this action by TürkTraktör, many new farmer also started using My Mobile Field app during the pandemic. The favorite and the most used feature of the app, that is, high resolution satellite crop health tracking feature, became indispensable for the farmers. 

By means of the mobile devices, it is possible to access all information about the land with a single tap.
Any user who installs My Mobile Field app onto his/her smart phone or tablet can easily and rapidly access to many actual news ranging from weather conditions where they are, to announcements by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry with respect to agricultural grants/subsidies, from market place/commodity exchange prices to diesel fuel, fertilizer and chemical prices free of charge.

The users, in addition to free content and features, may benefit from advanced features specific to his/her field in return of TL 365 per annum. The farmers, thanks to the tracking feature "specific to user's field" which enables definition and tracking of the land/fields on the map, can receive weather warnings with early warning systems and track crop health regularly through satellite imagery. Risk and drought reports, suggestions for tractor and sprayer operation hours as well as husbandry advices are amongst the other facilities that farmers can benefit from under this service.

'My Mobile Field" app which facilitates lives of the farmers can be installed from, "Google Play" and "Apple Store".