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Ethical Issues Application Form

Company employees, dealers and suppliers can submit via ethical issues application form, any adverse conditions they observed or witnessed about the company or with respect to their own interests, confidential or open, related to threats and dangers, non-compliance with corporate business principles, mobbing, financial losses and leaks, conflicts of interest between subordinates and employees, etc.

Through this system, you can make an anonymous report. Notifications are received and processed in accordance with the principles of personal data protection (GDPR).

You can send your notifications by filling the form below or by letter, e-mail and phone call to our contact addresses. Your notifications will be sent to TürkTraktör Internal Audit Directorate. We strongly recommend that you share a phone number and / or email address where we can reach you. Maximum attention will be paid to the confidentiality of the information you provide.

Paying attention to the following issues will ensure that your report is examined with priority.
1. A clear explanation of the incidents subject to notification
2. Submission of evidence, supporting documents and witnesses
3. Use of direct language instead of nicknames, hints
4. ... expressing allegations with expressions containing a degree of confidence and certainty such as "I have witnessed", "I know", "rumored as gossip", "I have a strong suspicion", "I doubt"
5. Sharing valid contact information so that auditors can contact when necessary.

1. Disciplinary investigations and legal proceedings may be initiated against false whistle blowers against denunciations based on lies and slander, with the purpose of defamation.
2. Notifications of emergency aid or response requests such as police, fire brigade, emergency services should only be made to the relevant institutions. This tip form does not serve in this context.
While it is aimed to distribute dividend not later than a month following the General Assembly Meeting, general assembly decides the date of the dividend distribution. General Assembly or if authorized, the Board of Directors may decide to pay the dividend in installments in line with Capital Markets Board regulations.
In accordance with the articles of association of the company, the board of directors may distribute the dividend in advance only if the board has been authorized by the General Assembly provided that it is allowed under the Capital Markets Board regulations.
*Do you want to remain anonymous in this notice?
*Please indicate who the person(s) engaged in this behavior is:
*Who was aware of the event, had information about the event or witnessed the event?
Please indicate the names of all persons involved in the incident. If it is not within your knowledge, please answer as "I don't know".
* How long do you think this problem has been going on?
*How did you notice this violation?
If you have evidence supporting your claim (document, document, etc.), please upload it.
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*Please provide all details of the alleged violation, including where witnesses were found and any other that may be useful in assessing and ultimately rectifying the situation.
If you have shared this situation with anyone other than the Ethics Line: With whom, when and why did you share the issue?