TürkTraktör, Adds Value To Its Dealer Network With The ‘Executive Dealer Program’

TürkTraktör, Adds Value To Its Dealer Network With The ‘Executive Dealer Program’

TürkTraktör aims to provide a better service to its customers with the development program it offers to its dealers in the fields of business management, finance and employee management within the scope of the "Executive Dealer Program".

TürkTraktör, with its vision of continuous development, launched the Executive Dealer Program which consists of the training modules to respond to the needs of the present and the future corporate dealer network.

The aim is to ‘Add More Value’ to the dealer network, with this new program

TürkTraktör aims to reinforce the capabilities of the dealer network with the Executive Dealer Program, offering
efficient, innovative, valuing people, collaborative and strategic development solutions. With the training programs created under 3 main strategic success areas the dealers are supported for more effective management and development of their human resources, business processes and financial structures.

Working with the vision of “Our most valuable investment is our Human Resources”, TürkTraktör aims the adoption of this approach by its dealers.

Employee Management module delivers a corporate management approach in every field under the title of professional Human Resources management from selecting, developing employees, creating commitment, to performance, salary and bonus management.

With Business Management module, dealers refresh their knowledge on sales techniques, closely monitor digital transformation and the technologies of the future such as Industry 4.0 and learn the ways of taking responsibility on developing themselves, and the ways of better customer and product management. 

Finance module gives significant information from the developments in the Turkish and global economy to projections for the future to help dealers in managing their budget, finances and investment as good as possible.

‘We will continue making a difference with our dealers’

Ahmet Canbeyli, TürkTraktör’s Assistant General Manager for Commerce noted that they realized many pioneering works with an approach that can analyze customer needs well , “With the Executive Dealer Program  we will allow to reflect our company’s vision and strategy to the site more effectively, and making our dealer organization’s strength and success sustainable” he said. 

Ahmet Canbeyli finished his statement with the following: “With the Executive Dealer Program we intend to enable TürkTraktör dealer network to achieve a qualification level at which they can make and apply strategic decisions, have a good command of the market, industry and product knowledge, and use this information effectively, manage the human resources effectively together with the financial processes. In this way, we aim to create value for the customer with increased service quality.”