TürkTraktör Continues Supporting Its Farmers

TürkTraktör Continues Supporting Its Farmers

TürkTraktör increased its production during the first 9 months of the year by 38% compared to the same period of last year and achieved a total turnover of 3.803 billion TL. 

Having disclosed the financial results for the first 9 months of the year, TürkTraktör produced 21,608 tractors and 16,110 engines during January - September 2020 and increased the number of tractors rolled off the line by 38% year on year. With these figures, the company alone has covered 69%  of Turkey’s total tractor production. 

During January-September 2020, TürkTraktör achieved 22,200 units of total sales including 13,210 units sold to the local market and 8.990 units to overseas markets.  

TürkTraktör sold 13,210 tractors in the first 9 months and increased its local sales by 92% year on year. Having increased the market share year on year for both of its brands; New Holland and Case IH, TürkTraktör has carried its uninterrupted leadership in the tractor market to the 14th year.

With 8,990 units sold to the global market, the company has performed 87% of Turkey’s total tractor export. 

TürkTraktör closed the January-September period with a total turnover of 3.803 billion TL. The company’s overseas revenue has been 1 billion 579 million TL. TürkTraktör’s gross profit during the same period has been recorded as 743 million TL, and EBITDA as 589 million TL. With the successful results, the company obtained 200 million TL net profit in the 3rd quarter and increased its profit to 360 million TL in the end of the first 9 months.

Aykut Özüner, CEO of TürkTraktör:
“We are beside our farmers to support sustainability in agricultural production”

TürkTraktör CEO Aykut Özüner commented on the financial results for the first 9 months of 2020 and said, “We started our production, which was interrupted for a while due to pandemic, after taking maximum protection measures. Because, our farmers do not stop production regardless of what the conditions are, and they continue working in their fields. 

So, we carried our production above the level before the pandemic, with an increasing tempo in order to cover the demand increase in local market. As a result, we increased our production by 38% year on year, and local sales by 92%. We continue our support for farmers not only on the production side but on the product accessibility side as well. We are offering many campaigns with interest support for our farmers through TürkTraktör Finans. By the end of September, the number of our farmers who benefit from the advantages of TürkTraktör Finans has increased by 11%. In the field of construction equipment, we have also continued our local backhoe loader production this year in accordance with our priority to contribute local production. For the remaining part of the year, we will continue supporting our customers and satisfying the demand in the market with our tractors, agricultural equipment and construction equipment.”