Türktraktör Celebrated The International Day Of Women Farmer On A Live Broadcast

Türktraktör Celebrated The International Day Of Women Farmer On A Live Broadcast

TürkTraktör realized a live broadcast on its corporate Instagram account for the  International Day of Women Farmer on October 15 to increase the awareness about importance of women’s efforts and entrepreneurship for the future of agriculture and sustainable development, and share examples of good practices.
TürkTraktör, that meets women farmers with various events held in farms or factories on this special day every year, moved the celebration for this year to digital platform due to the measures taken against the pandemic. 

As a part of the celebrations, TürkTraktör welcomed Chef Ebru Baybara Demir, a vanguard in Turkey on social gastronomy, who has inspired women with her life story and the projects she has realized, with a live broadcast. 

Based on her own story, Ebru Baybara Demir explained the impressive development experienced after increasing women’s share in employment and the importance of women labor in agriculture, and concluded the broadcast with candid chats she had with women farmers.

During the broadcast, Ebru Baybara Demir also spoke about Sorgül Wheat project as a success story of women in agriculture, which was started 3 years ago on a small land with 70 woman farmers to protect local seeds, and that has reached 360 woman farmers, 1,400,000 sqm land and 400 tonnes of harvest this year. 

TürkTraktör, continues keeping woman farmers in the focus

TürkTraktör has achieved many studies for women farmers so far under the scope of the Miracles of Sprouts project which was started to encourage women in the fields of agriculture and automotive. 

With the agricultural production leg of the project, women farmers were trained on various fields such as cooperative building, entrepreneurship, mechanization in agriculture and good farming practices, and they were also supported towards their objectives which they wanted to achieve.  

With a vision which ‘focuses on women’, TürkTraktör continues its support for women farmers as well as awareness-raising in this scope with various activities and events.