1 Millionth Driveline By TürkTraktör

1 Millionth Driveline By TürkTraktör

TürkTraktör which is the leader of local production in tractor market of Turkey, realized the production of its 1 millionth driveline, which comprises of transmission, transmission, final drives and hydraulic lift. 

November 19, 2020 - TürkTraktör which continued its undisputed market leadership for 14 years through New Holland and Case IH brand tractors it offers to the farmers in Turkey, reached 1 millionth unit in driveline production thanks to its strength in local production.

TürkTraktör which is noticed as the only company in the market which manufactures protects with a local contribution of more than 90% is also the only manufacturer of the industry which possess the flexibility to make drivelines suitable for those tractors with different capacities ranging from 48 HP to 140 HP. 

With our strength in production, we support both local production and country's economy

Mr. Nebi Doğan Özdöngül, Assistant General Manager of TürkTraktör, in Charge of Production stating that they have been producing tractor drivelines since 1973, made the following statements: "As the most prominent and well established company in automotive industry, we continue supporting our farmers for the sake of developing the agriculture in Turkey. Local production is amongst our biggest priorities. Thanks to high production capacity we have, we are using our best efforts to sustain our contribution to the national economy. We make our own engines and export them. With the drivelines, of which we manufactured 1 millionth today, we not only exhibit our production power but also take pride in the contributions we made to the economy. Just like our tractors, we are supporting our nation's foreign trade potential with the drivelines we export.

I would like to express that in addition to our domestic accomplishments, we are quantity-wise the largest driveline production plant of our business partner, CNH Industrial in the world. One millionth tractor driveline has become a significant source of motivation for us to move our achievements even further in our operations."

TürkTraktör, thanks the investments it made, continues offering the products also with New Holland and Case brand backhoe loaders which it has started locally producing early this year, in addition to tractors, engines and drivelines.