TürkTraktör Offers Full Warranty In 2nd Hand Tractors

TürkTraktör Offers Full Warranty In 2nd Hand Tractors

TürkTraktör makes a difference in the industry at warrantied 2nd Hand tractor sales which it has been conducting since 2014 through its sale and after-sale services network, which is the largest network in the industry.

Warrantied 2nd Hand tractors of TürkTraktör which supported the sustainability of agricultural production through various practices during the pandemic, have attracted great interest during this period.

TürkTraktör which offers to our farmers the vast tractor and agricultural equipment range of New Holland and Case IH brands through its sales network of more than 120 dealers and more than 600 sales points, continues offering warranty for 2nd hand tractors by means of the power it wields in the industry.

TürkTraktör offers support to its vast network of dealers spread throughout the country, with such practices and facilities as internet website, warranty for 2nd hand tractors and favorable loan possibilities in order to enable them to conduct 2nd hand tractor sale operations. With this transformation which TürkTraktör has initiated in 2014, New Holland and Case IH brands have become an embodiment of trust for the farmers also in purchasing 2nd hand tractors. A 23% growth has taken place in the 2nd hand tractors market to which our farmers exhibited more interest during the pandemic in comparison with the regular times between January and October. 

'We add value to 2nd Hand tractors market too through our dealers'

Mr. Ahmet Canbeyli, Assistant General Manager in charge of Commercial Operations, who expressed that they managed to be the first and only company in this industry through the system they created for 2nd hand tractor sales, said "We observe very clearly the accomplishments of our dealer network, which continue their activities with a focus on continuous improvement. We are the first tractor manufacturer which started warrantied 2nd hand tractor sales operation in our industry. Formation of a reliable 2nd hand tractor market is also an advantage for our farmers who want to buy new tractors. Thanks to bartering method, our farmers can renew their tractors without hassle and losing time with complicated sales procedures. Our dealers on the other hand, thanks to growing 2nd hand tractor market, provide benefits in such issues as stock management, cost management and cash flow. Sale of a 2nd hand tractor under the warranty of TürkTraktör, is realized, thanks to appraisal of 41 points by the experts. Thus our farmers can receive, in the warrantied 2nd hand tractor scheme, such services as the free of charge 7/24 road service, free part replacement involving those parts falling under user tractor warranty, repair and failure elimination, etc. At more than 600 points spread throughout the country, as always, we are standing by our farmers even during after sales at the very place where our farmers are located. Just like we did in any field we are operating in, we continue creating added value through innovative approaches also in the 2nd hand tractors market, and offering various alternatives for our farmers to access the mechanization."