TürkTraktör Improves Its Employee Experience And Employee Loyalty During The Pandemic

TürkTraktör Improves Its Employee Experience And Employee Loyalty During The Pandemic

Türk Traktör adapts many different practices which have an impact on the employee experience, to the dynamics of the current times during the pandemic

Türk Traktör HR Director, Mr. Osman Özdemir: "During the pandemic, we designed 'positive and effective experiences which satisfy the needs and expectations' for our employees. Thanks to these practices, we have elevated our employee loyalty score by 9.6 points to 80 points.'

Türk Traktör which continues contributing to the country's economy through two production plants and more than 2 thousand 500 employees, has created many practices during the pandemic which have improved the employee experience. 

Mr. Osman Özdemir, Türk Traktör's HR Director, who expressed that under the pandemic conditions which created hardships for the entire globe, they have focused on those aspects of these pandemic conditions which have implications for society, business/work life and social life, said: "We have tried to create solutions for situations which we have experienced for the first time and to find answers to the questions which have not been used to get. Thanks to the priority we have attached to the health and our approach of 'our most valuable asset is human resources', we have scrutinized our experience as a whole together with all and any of its aspects. Under the scope of 'Agile Transformation' activities which were amongst our company's priority strategies even before the pandemic, we have continued our agile employee experience activities and created quite an active added value for our organization." 

The practices introduced into work life with new normal

Mr. Osman Özdemir, said that along with the pandemic, they, as HR Executives, have prioritized various fields on their agenda such as "The Measures Taken Particularly for Pandemic, Remote Working, Employee Experience, Digitization and Transformation Management and added "Before the pandemic, flexible working practices were included in our working models. And along with the pandemic, 'remote working' model has expediently entered into our working lives. In remote working experience, our HR strategies and practices as well as our digital systems assured expedient conversion of our working culture."    

Mr Özdemir who said that they thought remote working was appropriate and practical even after the pandemic, thereby have made one weekday as remote working day permanently for suitable work units, stated "Our on-line practices we use in recruitment and orientation process are also sustainable. We are undertaking infrastructural work for sustaining those programs which we organize for behavioral, technical and leadership improvement in a hybrid manner involving both on-line and physical elements. Moreover internship processes, awarding processes and university events which we have started organizing on-line, may continue in a hybrid manner, i.e. involving both on-line and physical elements."

"We experience advantages of digital transformation even more during this period"

Mr. Osman Özdemir stating that the digital transformation, as experienced, has a lot of implications for the Human Resources, said "Our HR system and practices have long been undergoing a digital transformation. With pandemic, this digitization gained impetus. Digital solutions are vital in many issues ranging from recruitment and orientation processes, to improvement programs, performance and talent management, employee experience programs, feedback mechanisms, etc. and technological approaches make impacts of the transformation management more pronounced. That's how we have observed pros of our efforts which we undertook within the framework of digital transformation, even more during this difficult transformation process. From now on we shall continue managing the transformation caused by the pandemic process in the working life even better and develop brand new practices which focus on sustainability in our employee experience."